Learn the Basics of Tungsten Wire, its Properties, and its Applications

Tungsten wire: it’s not just for light bulbs anymore.
Even though tungsten wire’s widespread use in incandescent lighting has faded with the growing popularity of CFLs and LEDs, tungsten wire continues to be a product that has a large number of diverse applications, for many of which there is no known substitute. In this free guide, find out why tungsten remains one of the most widely used refractory metals.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn about tungsten wire from this helpful reference guide:

  1. The desirable properties of tungsten compounds and tungsten alloyed with steel
  2. How tungsten metal is formed into powders or shaped into wires, rods, and electrodes
  3. Why tungsten products are in demand for many applications from cutting tools and jet turbine engines, to ammunition, medical devices, and fishing weights
  4. Practical applications of tungsten wire, as well as what you can’t do with tungsten
  5. Why mechanical properties of tungsten wire made by different companies can vary as much as 10 percent
DON’T MISS OUT on this handy guide that explains everything you need to know about tungsten wire. Get your free copy now!