Ramp up production with better resistance welding electrodes

Learn how better materials for resistance welding electrodes speed up your welding operation

Spot_Welding-ThumbnailRobotic welding and resistance welding machines are among the most essential automation tools of the automotive production assembly. And yet these machines, or more accurately the electrodes they use, are often the culprits of slowed or inefficient production lines. Imperfect or weak welds, improperly located welds, slowed cycle times, and electrode tip sticking are all signs of poor electrode quality or the wrong electrode material choice. This white paper is designed to help you make a successful electrode materials choice. It includes:

  • An overview of the review the range of resistance spot welding electrode materials and their properties;
  • An in depth look at some of the electrode materials and alloys engineered to specifically address these common problems, and
  • Application specific materials based on thermal conduction, electrical resitivity, and reactivity.

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