The wrong precision cutting method could cost you

But choosing the right one can be complicated

Comparing-Cutting-Methods_Mockup.pngIn a perfect world, determining the right 2-axis precision cutting method for your close tolerance metal components would be a snap — a relatively easy choice among the many decisions you need to make before production begins. But across the spectrum of metal cutting methods for 2-axis cut-off of metal parts, no one method is suited to all needs. And, the wrong decision can result in production delays, material waste, or other quality issues that can cost you time and money. So, how do you make the right choice for your requirements?

This guide is designed to help you determine which precision cutting method is best for your requirements. It includes:

  • A comprehensive overview of key parameters for decision making
  • A cost/benefit analysis of the 5 most common precision metal cutting methods
  • A handy chart to help you quickly compare all 5 methods at a glance.
Don’t wait. Get the knowledge you need to make an easy, informed choice and get back to doing all the important things you do best.